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Agreed that the sad part of this is the girl lost her life and we all would change that if we could, but accidents happen, and by putting a laysuit on it only makes things worse, all this does is opens more non warented lawsuits, you know like people suing Mc Donalds for being over weight let me tell you this if they would of won I would have had to go get my fair share of fat money. and spilling coffee on yourself and suing for it being hot come on stupid people use your head. And then again these lawyers are just bloodsuckers, they would get murders off for a nickle, makes me just sick, watch Bill O'reily on fox news they actually filed a suit against lawyers for defending guilty people.

see you on the water.

again were all human and are condolences go out to the family that was hurt by this accident, (not by the tounament)
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