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Lk St Clair 6-29

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Woke up to a lazy no work monday, at about 8 am I decided to go hit st clair even though it was a bit windy at my house.
I got there at 9:30 to a 15 mph breeze and headed to a good bedding area up in muskemoot, I found a few fish on beds but the fish were only 14 to 16 ".
I then headed to the strawberry island area and checked a cluster of beds and found nothing but dirty water and couldnt see more than 2 ft.
Then I ran down off the mile roads in 20 to 25 mph winds way offshore in 16 to 18 fow and washed my boat in 3 fters for a good hour for not even a bite.
After the boat and bilge were good and clean I decided to hit some largies in metro to salvage my day, I cought a good dozen or so up to 2 lbs on black plastic worms and Nemesis up skirt jigs in an hour and a half and called it a day at 2 pm.
not the greatest day fishing but at least I got the boat rinsed
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Hey Skip, nice to see ya. I was off today
Glad you washed the boat.
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Nice Skip, bet it beats washing walls and getting ready to paint
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My boat needs a wash but I'm not taking it out in 3 footers.
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