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My husband and I have recently become interested in sailing (started out sailing with friends the past couple of years). We're looking for a club we can join to learn more and to sail with others on Lake St. Clair. Any suggestions?
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I've been told that the Lakeshore Sail Club is a friendly and inexpensive club for cruising sailors to join but I have no first hand experience myself. Although I've been sailing for years, I'm essentially a newbie myself when it comes to the sailing community. I'm a bit of a lone ranger.

I'm really of no use for this question as I've only been through one summer of boating here and have only lived in Michigan for 2.5 years now. Waisted the first year on the other side of town too far from the lake.

In the past I've found to get to know anyone or to get aquainted with the local clubs racing on other people's boats is generally the best way.
Go to, hit "selected sites", and then "main sailing sites"

A list of all the SE Michigan sailing clubs will appear!
Northstar sail club on North River road is a great working mans club. Everyone is down to earth. There Jr sail program has turned out world class sailors like Dawn Riely. The first female captian of an Americas cup.
Rerun, I didn't know you were such a sailing enthusiast?
I was into it for a while....even made it on a race team.....I think the term they used for me was "rail meat" but never made it past the first meeting. The guy called me a few times to come work on the boat and get it ready.....ok it's a nice I want to go out on my boat or work on yours?????? can see how I didn't make it long. But what I do love about it is the fact that you could buy a boat pretty cheap and sail worries....

I did spend a little time at the club. Got a chance to meet Dawn and even read her book about the round the world race. If any of you are thinking about joining a club at least check it out...It's not the club for everyone I'm sure but at least give it a shot.

See Convincor253 there's plenty you don't know about me...yet.
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