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LSCN Fishing Calendar

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At the request of our fearless moderator John... I've completed a calendar dedicated to the Fishing Community on the site. Its a public calendar so anyone can post information. I hope this is an added value, and would love to hear comments, either good or bad.

The calendar can be found here:

There is also a link from the home page under "anglers corner".

The calendar is simple to use... navigate to the day required and click the date. Add your information in the form field... type the password "lscn" and click add. If someone else has info in the same day as you, please add your information to the end of the existing info.
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Ok I added some dates....not all of them yet. I am dsure I made some mistakes so tournament directors check them out and see where I made errors, and PLEASE post them in the calander thread on the Tournament Page so I can update my PDA! Thank you!

I have posted the GNT stuff, the Federation, the BFL, some of Oakland Bass Master Stuff and a few opens. I will be posting more soon.

Your welcome Dave....BTW post a link to the site that you are linking it to please. I told Capt'n Chris of this last night and he was impressed....


I have it in a couple of places on the Absolutely Bass! website, but the most traffic is on the Lake St. Clair Forums Page,

I used to have a seperate calendar on that site years ago, but the LSCN calendar was so much nicer, and visitors could input tournaments into it, so I replaced our calendar with a link to the LSCN one....

The Absolutely Bass forum doesn't get near the traffic that LCSN does, but I keep it up kind of as a hobby, and some folks do post a bit in the summer.

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Thanx Dave....more tournaments added.....NBAA St Clair, and a few opens.....

This is too much like work!!!! LOL

Calendar looks great! I have added a couple of Lake St. Clair Walleye Tournament dates to it. (June 14 & September 6)
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