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This is a message to all of the boaters particpating in the LSCN take a kid fishing outing.

For those of you trailering your boats, St. Clair Shores has given us the go ahead to use the boat ramp at located at 9 1/2 mile and Jefferson, Blossum Heath. Normally you have to be a SCS resident and pay $10.00 per boat. Thanks to Greg Esslier the fees have been waived, and permission granted. We can start launching the boats at 1:00 pm and return to the ramp before 8:00pm. If you are using this boat ramp please abide by all rules at the ramp.

They do have a guard present at the ramp, politely inform them that you are part of the "LSCN take a kid fishing outing", and use Greg Esslier's name as a reference.

Thank you Greg Esslier for your support!

See you guys Wednesday!

Joe DiGiovanni
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