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This post will be pinned and locked, for more information see Mini's post:

Mini's post from the fishing reports and tips.

Wednesday 8/6/03 Jacks Waterfront Resturant at 2:00 pm for pairings. We will begin fishing at 3:00 and end at 7:00. Back to Jacks for an informal BBQ (dogs and chips), some entertainment and hopefully prizes for all the kids. It will be encouraged for all boaters to have a camera or two for pictures of all the kids with their fish. No restrictions on types of fish or methods to fish (as long as they are legal!). Ideally I would like to see one kid and parent per boat.

Boaters need to be in the water at Jack's at 2:00pm for pairings, launch where you want. I have been told that there will be room for boats to be tied up on the seawall and you can leave your boat in the water after fishing, then return to the launch and put it on the trailer. OR drop the kids off and then put it on the trailer then drive over to Jack's, but I have to warn you that parking is at a minimum for boats and trailers.

Parents PLEASE make sure that your child has a lifejacket no matter their age. There will be a mandatory rule involving life jackets that I will go over before fishing begins. Also please bring cameras to capture the fun and sunscreen (we all know its gonna be a good weather day, right?).

I will be pressed for time in the days preceeding the event. I land in Detroit on Monday morning and will spend the rest of the next two days getting gifts for the kids, and finding a boat for me and my two kids to use.

Ideally I would like to have one parent per child in each boat, remember that MOST of these boats are fishing boats and can only hold 4 people MAX.

Boaters so far:

Me - 20' Bass Cat
BrianB - 21' Ranger
MuskieBob - Brunner Runner
Cameraguy - 20' Champion
Ken Neeley - We will find you a boat brother!
IceT - Tuna
Mac - 20' Ranger
Basstrap896 - 19' Ranger
Old Man of the Sea - 19' Starcraft
Madman24 - 16' Fisher
Gregg M - 19' Center Console
Boatnfish - 21' Skeeter
Jodeven - 19' Ranger
East Coast - 18' Tracker (his own kids)

So far for Guests:

Shandog - Dannielle 8, Joey 4
MaryJane - Zak 7
TopGun - Girl 10, Boy 11
Instigator - Michael 11
Saleena362 - 2 Boys, 8 & 3
Canehdiangirl - Boy
Daileyinterest - 2 adults and 2 kids. His own boat
Puppetshow - 2 Girls
Jellybean - 2 Girls, 1 Boy
Flat_top025 - 2 boys, 9 & 7

That puts us at 22 kids.....15 boats.....this is gonna be fun!

Any more questions and or comments please do not hesitate to PM me or post in this thread.

We do need to get some donations for gifts/prizes for the kids. Please try to ask your place of business or anyone else you know.

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