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Lunch break in scenic North Dakota

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God was pissed off when he made north dakota.
There is nothing good to say about the big ND.
except that i'm makin big bucks here welding in a coal power plant.
35 degrees in the morning,,, storms everyday,, buckets,, then 70 to 85 by 2 in the afternoon just to remind you what a sauna feels like,, when you don't want one.

I'm on my lunch break thinking of "HOME"
God it is lonely out here.
All the women are HEAVY and not attractive 'to put it kindly'.
Real cowboys who really ride horses and rustle cattle and actually wear SPURS,
are everywhere "and they aren't friendly to "outsiders"
The people who live here hate it more than I do.
I'm gonna miss Jobbienooner #1.

I'v been pot free since February. I can't wait to burn a big fat MEDICAL DUBBIE back in Michigan.

Vehicle Motor vehicle High-visibility clothing Workwear Van



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Glad everything's working out money wise.
Nice to hear from you ...............
Interesting play-by-play commentary.

Wish you could find work here building a coal fired plant!

Good luck!
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Here is an interesting add-on to this thread.

The locals have a saying here in ND about the ND women,,,,,

When I've asked the locals,,,,,,, "Where are all the women" ??????

The standard reply is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

"There is a pretty woman behind every tree"

FYI. North Dakota HAS NO TREES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I asked, "Where are all the $5.00 CRACK WHORES"

Not that I would ever "do that",,,, Just out of curiosity,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, No really!!!!!!

~~~ (I'm sure that you all know that being an ordained Reverend, requires that I seek out those lost souls who are most in need of my ministering to their spiritual needs,,,,
but of course I'm sure that's what you were thinking anyway,,, right??
So this probably could have gone unsaid. right?? )~~~

back to my story,,,

The standard reply when I ask,
"Where are all the $5.00 CRACK WHORES"


"What's a crack whore" ???????????

This place is "SOOOOOO, BACKWARDS, that they have never even heard of a "crack whore"

God I long to be back in DETRIOT"

Rev, Pete
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To the most misunderstood person I could ever know

.... good to see you make an appearance here! Sorry you miss Detroit - but happy to see you surviving.

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QUOTE(canehdiangirl @ Jun 19 2009, 07:04 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>To the most misunderstood person I could ever know

.... good to see you make an appearance here! Sorry you miss Detroit - but happy to see you surviving.

Ditto that~

Hi Pete! Maybe you can take a quick vacation back home for JN?
I guess it's better to be making money than stuck back here with no work. But, things will come back around for Detroit! We are tough here and will get through it, see ya then!
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Time for a North Dakota stimulus package! Let's round up all the crack whores and ship 'em out there!
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Talking with a friend the other day that goes out there all the time....He said you can't even go in the bar and get a beer without 20 questions. Once he tells them who his cousin is he gets the hospitable treatment. Are you sure you don't have any family out there?? even a dead one?
I thought of you when he was telling us this.
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