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Arriving at DTE Energy Music Theatre at 3 PM for an 8 o'clock concert with a wooden fin attached to the car confused my 18 year old sister. She of course was a Buffett Virgin. If you have been to a "phlocking", you understand. If you have not, it is difficult to describe. I will try. As we started to drive into the parking lot, her expression was nothing short of astonishment at not only that the parking lot was full, but what it was full of. College Football tailgating is nothing compared to the big leagues of a Jimmy Buffett concert. There was a sea of decorated cars, trucks and motor-homes. We parked next to a van with a 3 foot plastic pirate parrot tied to the top. That came in handy as a marker to find the car. Everyone seemed to have some sort of a gimmick. The ladies across the parking isle had a wheel of fortune game where spinning the wheel gave you a task. Successful performance of the task awarded you a small prize of your choosing. Down the isle of Motor-homes a gentleman was painting parrots on women wherever they wanted. My sister chose her left calf. Margaretaville Tequila and food goods was there giving free samples of their non-alcoholic products, as well as temporary tattoos. Different creative games and displays were seemingly endless with everyone in sight having a good time smiling and laughing and eating grilled food. We met people dressed as clowns, pirates, and beach bums. We even met several people in shark suits. There were the Buffett followers for Jesus and the Femme's for Buffett too. (Lesbian awareness group I guess). People from all over the country and even some from other countries, all coming to party, were there. We ran into several Buffett virgins other than my sister. Most were excited to be there, but there was this one young man who was forced by his sponsors to wear a bulletin board describing that he was a virgin and seeking advice on how to behave.(That's not as bad as Columbus, year 2000 when we made Bill, a virgin amongst our mists seek for advise by having people write the advise on him with a sharpie.) My virgin sister was painted tonight, tattooed twice, and lied at least once. After the parking lot for 5 hours was the concert…
Beach balls bouncing, tropical images everywhere, a sea of people cheering.
Buffett Starts……..
Hello Michigan!!!!!!!!! (Buffett takes the stage with his customary Jamaican ribbon wrist bands) Not only do you finally get a summer night, but you also get THIS (with a single broad wave. 1 sentence and then right into the first song,
1. LAGE NOM AI-NOM AI (He's the man who gave up his own name.)
2. Stars on the water (modified to Stars over Michigan)
Thank you………… Pine Knob is my favorite spot, except for the economy. (not acknowledging the name change to DTE) I'm delighted to be here and I love Michigan. I love the Parrot-Head Fans and the crazy cousins from Canada. We need to get in the mood and set the Curriculum. (the tour is the Summerzcool tour)
Our Professor of Chronology has broken clocks, they all say 5:00
3. 5'oclock somewhere
We have Tropical weather in Michigan - I like that!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Manyana
There are no active volcanoes in Michigan.
5. Volcano
You have a lot to drink about in Michigan. Jimmy Buffett referenced the economy, healthcare, his take on death panels and how to escape them, unemployment, cash for clunkers, and getting old. He introduced Mac" McAnally, Jr. as a good friend and support. McAnally played an acoustic guitar while Jimmy Buffett sang,
6. Why don't we get drunk…
During Intermission, it was the usual scenes from the parking lot as well as beach, surfing and sailing with tropical background music. Bob Marley's "One Love" sang by people all over the world, throughout Africa, Europe, Asia, South America, The far East, Middle East, USA digitally mixed together dominated the latter part of the intermission.
During the end of Bob Marley's song, a ukulele could be heard playing along with the rhythm becoming more dominant than the soundtrack. It turned out to be Jimmy Buffett playing solo. As the lights faded from the screens and the stage lights came back up Jimmy started to sing and "The Coral Reefer Band" joined in. (That was quite a statement during the concert that some still believe that people all over the world can come together in peace through Music. Bob Marley's ideas and dreams still live on through his music.)
7. One love
Buffett spoke about hard times in Michigan and having an understanding about what's going on here. He said that the song, "Nobody from Nowhere" was written with Michigan in mind.
8. Nobody from Nowhere
Please welcome Ilo from the land of Volcano's. I met him in a bar, My bar!!
9. Ilo sang a song that he wrote as a child. (sorry Russel, can't remember the name or find it on the net.)
Buffett introduced the band members and their title as professor of, guitar and vocals, keyboard and vocals, etc.
10. Southern Cross
11. Gypsys in the Palace
(Tina, a beautiful beach bunny from Daytona, FL. here extending a business trip snuck in somehow to sit next to me. She said to write in the story that Jimmy Buffett gets an A+ and that she would trade her Dad for Jimmy Buffett if she could.)
12. A Pirate Looks at 40
13. Fins
Bye Bye, (with no words, just a wave) 10:43PM
Encore 1
14. We are the People, Our Parents Warned us About
15. Yellow Submarine (1's time in 25 concerts that I heard Jimmy Buffett sing that song)
Had a wonderful time, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Encore 2
16. Lovely Cruise
After the concert, was the parking lot. There is no use in trying to leave, just relax , watch the dis-assembly and wait for the rush to die down with a diet Coke and a grilled hotdog. Our lovely blond no longer virgin tried to describe her enthusiasm and her desire to come again next year. One more concert and we might have a bona fide parrot-head on our hands.

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I went to my 1st Buffett concert Thrus night. It is more of an event than a concert..WHAT A PARTY!!! I love his music, and his attitude..The night was great, the tropical weather really fit in with the music..I have been to several other concerts at pine knob, and they were cracking down on the tailgating in the parking lot, not here, it was some of the best tail gateing i have ever seen ( although i went to a big county concert at Ford field last year that was close, but i think the tail gating before a Lions game is the best, if and when they became a good team, it will be off the hook )

I highly recommend a Buffett concert for anybody!!

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16. Lovely Cruise

...That's one of my top favorite Buffett songs, I play it every time we are coming back on the boat 5 minutes from the slip. Turn the radio up and sing it out loud while we finish off what's left of our girlfriend get's annoyed but I have to do it!

I wish I could have gone this year, I went last time he was at DTE and had a blast. Seems like this one was even better and the playlist is some of his best! Unfortunately I had to work that night and the next three...

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He didn't do Margaritaville OR Cheesburger? Guess he's sick of those two.

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QUOTE(Laguna @ Aug 16 2009, 06:06 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>16. Lovely Cruise

oops, typo, thanks for catching that.

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QUOTE(Snowmaker @ Aug 16 2009, 09:55 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>He didn't do Margaritaville OR Cheesburger? Guess he's sick of those two.
Of course he did. Here's the setlist.

Hot Hot Hot

1 Lage Nom Ai
2 Stars On The Water
3 SummerZcool
4 It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
5 Manana
6 Conky Tonkin' (with Nadirah)
7 Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
8 Volcano (featuring Ilo Ferreira)
9 Cheeseburger In Paradise
10 Come Monday (with the Beach Band)
11 Son Of A Son Of A Sailor
12 Brown Eyed Girl
13 One Particular Harbour
14 A Lot to Drink About (Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw)

One Love Video with Jimmy and Robert

15 My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink And I Don't Love Jesus (Jimmy on ukulele)
16 Frank And Lola (with John Lovell)
17 Nobody From Nowhere
18 Last Mango In Paris
19 Let Me Love You (featuring Ilo Ferreira)
20 I Feel Like Goin' Surfing in a Hurricane
21 Southern Cross
22 Gypsies In The Palace (Michael Utley intro to the poem)
23 A Pirate Looks At Forty (Just Jimmy)
24 Margaritaville (with the lost verse)
25 Fins

First Encore
26 We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About

Band Intros: Tina Gullickson, Nadirah Shakoor, Ralph MacDonald, Peter Mayer, Doyle Grisham, Mac McAnally, Roger Guth, Jim Mayer, Robert Greenidge, John Lovell, Michael Utley, Ilo Ferreira

27 Yellow Submarine

Second Encore
28 Lovely Cruise (Just Jimmy)

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QUOTE(Jager Dave @ Aug 16 2009, 11:00 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>QUOTE(Snowmaker @ Aug 16 2009, 09:55 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>He didn't do Margaritaville OR Cheesburger? Guess he's sick of those two.
Of course he did. Here's the setlist.

Ah, I should have known better.
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