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March 10 South Lake St. Clair Fishing Report

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The fishing continues to be poor with a few good catches being seen during the past week. 10% of the anglers are catching decent numbers of fish (10-20) WITH MOST GETTING TWO OR THREE KEEPERS OR LESS.

The breakdown by area is as follows:

Metro Beach: Mostly small fish (6-7 inch) are being taken from the basin area with most anglers catching good quantities. The lake is producing spotty catches of 8-10 inch fish with most anglers getting fewer 10 fish. Anglers are having the most luck closer to shore and slightly north of the jet ski ramp.

Gino's is very similar to the lake at Metro but anglers are going out at least 1 ½ miles.

The Harrison Township DNR ramp has similar catches to Gino's but anglers are going out close to 1 ½ miles. A few good catches have been seen but no day to day consistency.

Eleven Mile has produced a few good catches of fish in the 8-9 inch range. Anglers have been going out about 3/4 of a mile to get these fish. Only small fish are being caught in the marina.

The Blossom Heath site has been poor this past week. Anglers are getting smaller fish in the lake off the Coast Guard station with only small catches of 8-12 inch fish. Again, no consistent catches have been seen.

Ice is good at all the above areas at this time.

Good luck to all of you. Hopefully things will pick up as the weather warms. Remember that perch prefer weedy areas for spawning and tend to bite best in the early morning and early evening.

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Sounds like the same report up and down the shore. We went out to a spot in between Cotton and Selfridge on Saturday morning. They really had to be coaxed into biting. As a matter of fact, we only got one fish between the 3 of us. We saw several guys pulling them out of the ice with some regularity, nothing special was used as bait - you just have to find them and/or move a lot.

I'm going to try again some evening during the week and hopefully will bring a dinner-sized pile for once.
Similar results here on Sunday as Selfridge. I moved 4 times and caught only 1 fish. I didn't even really see that many (Suprising due to the lack of other fisherman out there). The ice is still thick but boy did I get flooded out. The canal from the launch to the opening of the lake really flooded even though it was 20 degrees out. Must have been due to the Saturday night rains catching up. I looked at the long term forcast and it doesn't look like there will be alot of "sane" ice fishing left. Time to start tweaking my boat.
Thanx for the report guys. Be careful out there....


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