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I have been working with some other people in Marine City in attempt to start a music festival this year. I am lucky enough to be able to work and donate my time to two communities that I love, Marine City and Anchor Bay. When I was approached a little over a year ago to sit on the Board of this new music festival, I was a little hesitant, but then I realized that I could not turn my back on the community that I was raised in, and has supported our business for so long. I have great memories of fishing on the St. Clair river and watching the freighters go by in Religion class as I daydreamed about my life after high school.

Marine City is a working class town that was hit hard by the decline of our economy. We our putting this festival on to fill people with some enjoyment and to show them that we have not given up on them, and that there is some hope. Virtually everyone that I have talked to doubted that we could pull this off, and when we were denied grant money that was to be the primary funding source for this event, I had almost believed them. We have managed by working poker rooms, various fundraisers, personal contributions, and contributions from local businesses that are already struggling to keep their doors open. It took us almost ten months and several communications with the IRS to obtain our 501©(3) status. Despite our uphill battle, we have managed to raise the funds necessary to make this work. The Marine City Music Festival will be July 9 - 12 on Water Street in Marine City. Some of the events include a beach party on July 9 with our own Tastefest with a blues band playing. Friday is Celtic Night, Saturday will have a "Battle of the Bands" with some blues entertainment at night. Sunday will include a car show, quilt show, with other music until 6:30. There will also be beer and wine served all weekend. We need one last miracle to pull this off, we need people to show up to our event! Please share this message with anyone that you think may be interested!

Please visit for more information.

Thank you,

Curtis McBride
McBride, Manley & Miiller PC
(810)765-4700 tel.
(810)765-4201 fax
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