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Maxum Boats

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Anyone have an opinion on Maxum boats? I am looking at the 2400SE or the 2500SE. Curious if anyone has had any trouble or known of anyone that had trouble with them.
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I think Maxum is a middle class boat maker. Not sure if they are still in buisness or not. I have known two people who have owned a Maxum boat, and have heard no major complaints from them. Not a bad looking boat either. You get what you pay for in this sport.
I had a 1997 Maxum 2300SC for 1 year. Had no problems with it at all. Ran great.

The only think I found out after having the boat for awhile is that they are made by Bayliner. Which doesn't really matter, but I know allot of people don't like Bayliner.

Let me know if you need any more info on Maxum's.
Bayliner? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I tell ya'. Bayliner always haunts people. It's really too bad that a boat company can get such a bad reputation. But, you get what you pay for.
Maybe if Bayliner would drop the Bayliner name and just use Maxum, they would be better off. Cuz, I didn't know that Bayliner made Maxum.
Well Bayliner's have changed there name to something I can't remeber. But as far as I know, Bayliner is no more.
Bayliner stil exists. They did change the name of their larger (around 34' and up )boats to Meridian.
Bayliner, Maxium, Meridian, Searay are all in the same parent company which is Brunswick.
The last thing I heard about Maxun, was that Bayliner was going to phase out the smaller boats and build the bigger boats under the Meridian name. I have not heard anything bad about the Maxum boat line. But as someone else said you get what you pay for.
Thanks for all the responses. I will look at the models I am interested in at the upcoming show at Cobo even.
It's too bad you won't be able to check out some Checkmate's at the show. (Sarcastic) Because there isn't decent company reprisentation here in Michigan! There is only one Checkmate dealer, and it is over near Grand Rapids, MI. Blahhhh.
Just had to complain for a moment. Sorry.
A go fast would be nice. Its just not a good idea for us. We drive over an hour each way and spend the weekend on the boat. Its nice to have a somewhat decent place to sleep. A 32 Lightning would do, its just a wee bit outta my price range.... So I look at smaller cruisers with somewhat larger motors so I can go fast and have the cabin for Mrs Spider. The Maxum site was nice as it shows the estimated speeds/fuel economy for each boat and motor combo. Too bad more sites dont take the time and effort to do that.They claim the 2500SE will top out at 46.6 and cruise over 30 with the 300 hp Bravo 3. Not bad for a cruiser. That would do PIB in about 2 and half hours from my marina on Harsens. Thats over an hour better than the boat I have now.
Formula has an awesome site. Really nice boats too. Quality.They show the stats I think you rlooking for. And prices too.
Convincer, here is the info Maxum shows...

much more info than any of the other boat sites I've seen. Formula's are great too, but again, more than I want to spend.
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