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i did very well in that area as well, i used some bigger minnows drifting and caught several smallmouth and a couple largemouth.
also got a small musky over by selfridge on them.
i was using a perch rig with the minnows, but you might want to try a heavier split shot about a 16 inches from a single hook and drift, it has worked for me alot in the past.
still havent found the any decent number of perch, but i have found some jumbos, but very few, out from the 400 club.
if your not using live bait, try a smoke/salt-pepper grub, on a 1/8 oz head, i caught some smallies on that too, but the size was considerably smaller than on live bait, also had some sunfish and rock bass smack the grub(which is unusual because the sunfish couldnt even get the tail in its mouth), hope you have good luck!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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