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Mercruiser service manual 14

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Have a oil leak were the cases split and replaced the oil pasage O ring but seams to still be leaking.

Is there any other oil seal were these cases split?
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My bad double post found the manual but still wondering if there's another seal causing this.
Wish I knew more to be helpful.

If you have a pressure tester, spraying some soapy water might help locate the leak.

Good luck Jeff!
You should have replaced the whole gasket kit if you broke them apart, not just the oring. Clean all the surfaces, I mean clean, clean. I had mine in for a warranty job, and they tried to reuse the gasket being cheap..... had a leak.

I had the drive off this winter, and you could see where the leak was. I cleaned every bit of dirt, sealant, glue, you name it until every inch was perfectly clean. Bought a new gasket kit and reassembled with a dab of grease on each o ring to hold them in place.................. WAALAA - no leak!!!

Most leaks are from poor surface prep. shouldn't take but an hour or two to fix yours up.

Good luck.
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QUOTE(garry454 @ Jun 8 2009, 09:28 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You should have replaced the whole gasket kit if you broke them apart, not just the oring. [/color]There's only the O ring on a Alpha Generation Two.

Good luck.

Thanks for the input, I was thinking the upper shaft seal were the lower shaft goes in vertical in the upper gear housing.
Page 3B-6 only shows the O ring in the manual. I had oil from the top half coming out as I replaced the O ring and that must have been what kept coming out (residual). I ran on the muffs in gear for at least 5 minutes and no drop in reservoir and no more leak. I will know for sure after a full day out next Friday.
Oh, I thought you were talking about where the drive bolts up to the bellhousing (gasket and a few o-rings...). I should have read it again....

Well, hopefully you got it fixed then!!
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