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Mercury Optimax Update

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Interesting update from Mercury. Tracker is in the process of updating it's boat packages to include a separate battery and tray for the running of Optimax Motors. Mercury is claiming that some of it's problems with blown powerheads can be attributed to low voltage problems. It is recommended that if you have an exisitng Optimax motor that you install a separate battery or isolate your exisiting engine battery. This means remove any and all accessories using this battery. The worst of all offenders are the bilge and livewell pumps which create heavy draws on battery power.
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Thanx for the great info Bass Pro....

Would there be a problem with a floating ground if the boat harness was put on a trolling motor battery? I tried that once a long time ago with my Winner and would get a shock with the outboard running when I touched the metal throttle control for the Suzuki I had. Just wondering....

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