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Mercury Tune-Up

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I have a 2000, 200HP, Merc EFI that I want to get tuned up. I am looking for a good mechanic (Merc Certified) to do some work on it. I am located in Clinton Township. Here is what I think I need: Plugs, Impeller, water seperator, prop pulled, greased, grease all fittings.. The engine runs fine but has 300 hundred hours on it. Was tuned by the dealer (out of business) in 2001. Boat is on trailer so I am somewhat mobile within reason. Any reccommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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Call Vicious Marine for a quote:
*They do Custom Rigging, Outdrive and Engine service. Along with Fiberglass repair. etc.

Ph: 586-598-4077

located off M-59 near Jefferson in Chesterfield

Talk to Sparky

Thanks Stacy, appreciate the reply.

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