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The Michigan B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation held its Annual State Championship this weekend.
The event is one of Michigan largest bass tournament.
276 Federation bass anglers competed for 13 spots to advance towards the
Bassmaster's World Classic.
Pres. Dennis Beltz and Tournament Chairman Doug Hedberg conducted the event on
Lake St. Clair this last Friday and Saturday.

Both days provided beautiful sunny weather leading to many huge limits of bass being weighed in.
Most of the fish were fat, healthy smallmouth bass.

The winner of the tournament was Dave Reault with a two day total of 39.86 Lb.

This team will fish in N. Dakota next Sept.
The 13 man team is as follows .
1) Dave Reault 39.86
2) Tom Kiefer 36.46
3) Ron Hicks 33.88
4) Nate Wellman 33.64
5) Dan Myers 33.32
6) Kent Miller 33.18
7) Ed Summers 32.56
8) Barry Narirn 32.42
9) Glen Gray 32.38
10) Jeff Kellogg 31.68
11) John Lamson 31.26
12) Danny Hall 31.22
13) Mark Smith 31.12

The Largest Bass caught in the tournament was won by Mike Krumpholtz with a lunker bass
Of 6.54 Lb.

The Federation would like to give special thanks to
Tom Sokolowski of Bass Pro Shops for thier support of
our Federation anglers.
Tom provide Big Bass awards and a special surprize of
a $1,000.00 gift certicate won by Jay Beriwck of the Mi. BassBusters.

Thank you Tom and all your staff.

PS. Look for next Sundays Oakland press for a story of our
tounament and articles and pictures in our Fed. newsletter.

Paul Sacks ( Mi. Fed. Sec.)

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The top three clubs are:

Lake Nepessing Bass Club. 133.38 pounds
Outdoor Anglers. 124.72 pounds
Michigan Bass Masters. 124.34 pounds

These are probably the best team weights that we have ever seen, and they would have been higher except for late penalty, etc.

Great job to these teams and the 13 that made the team.

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SWEET!!!!!...Way to go Barry!! Now aren't you glad I couldn't fish it this year??!!....I mighta taken your spot!! LOL!!!......You De'MAN!!!!!! I'm proud of you BigDog!!!


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Big bass awards were:
1st Wally Heinrich 5.68 pounds
2nd Nicky Adkins 5.36 pounds

1st Mike Krumpholz 6.54 pounds
2nd Glen Gray 5.64 pounds
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