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MI Brandon Rose leads Divisional

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Michigan and Team Bass' very own Brandon rose is leading the BASS Northern Divisional up at Escanaba by 4 lbs......
Pretty awesome, let's hope things go well for him on the final day...Imagine if he gets through the Divisional he only has to beat 5 guys to make the Bassmaster Classic....Pretty cool!!!

I think Michigan has a few guys in the top 20..Team Bass member Jeff Weiderman is 17th and Derek Cummings is 12th..There may be more in there I just don't recognize the names......

Click here for Northern Divisional Leaderboard
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Here is the Updated article on the Northern Divisional featuring Brandon..

Northern divisional article featuring Rose..
Brandon struggled some today but still managed to be the highest scorer from Michigan and qualified for the Championship....

Michigan also swept the Junior competition with Cody Harris and Danny Sprague bringing home the gold and both qualified for the Junior Championship

Michigan won the Team championship with 388 Lbs..The Michigan BASS Federation was awarded a new Skeeter boat..
Great job to all the team members, the Juniors, and to Brandon. Nice to see Michigan do so well across the board.

Ralph Blasey
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