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I just figured that I would let you guys know of a bass trail that Chip Harrison has started, first the bad news
sorry guys its already filled up.

But the good news is that with all of his experience with tounaments it should be the best tournament series around. "Way to go Chip"

If you guys are not familar with his circut he is fishing 4 tourneys 2 on Wawasee and 2 on Randall chain. and is giving away $2,000 for big bass at each tournament and $2,000 for 1st place. and check this out he will have a classic 2 days 1 on wawasee and 1 on randall chain and fish for a boat.

Well I have know Chip for years and I wish him well in his endevors, and you guys might want to try to get in his series next year, maybe he will expand to the St. Clair area( I dought it but, you know) 100 boats signed up ahead to fish his circut. I think you can bet it will be an awesome year.

see you on the water

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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