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Michigan Bass Invatational (MBI)

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The Oakland County Bass Anglers won the MBI tournament today, Sept 21, on Lake St. Clair. There were 6 clubs competing for the award of best club in the area. With a total weight of 70 lbs for 4 boats, the Oakland County Bass Anglers blew away the field. They were anchored with a 28 lb bag (10 fish) by Derrek and Tony, largest of the tournament. Second place went to the Oakland Bass Masters, with a total wieght of 58 lbs.
There were only 3 limits of 10 bass brought in to the scales. First place bag was caught deep with tubes (all smallmouth), and second place bag was caught in 6 inches to 2 feet of water on a spinnerbait, with both largemouth and smallmouth bass represented.
The MBI will be held on Devils Lake next year. Congradulations to the Oakland County Bass Anglers!!
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