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Michigan Bass Invatational (MBI)

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The Oakland County Bass Anglers won the MBI tournament today, Sept 21, on Lake St. Clair. There were 6 clubs competing for the award of best club in the area. With a total weight of 70 lbs for 4 boats, the Oakland County Bass Anglers blew away the field. They were anchored with a 28 lb bag (10 fish) by Derrek and Tony, largest of the tournament. Second place went to the Oakland Bass Masters, with a total wieght of 58 lbs.
There were only 3 limits of 10 bass brought in to the scales. First place bag was caught deep with tubes (all smallmouth), and second place bag was caught in 6 inches to 2 feet of water on a spinnerbait, with both largemouth and smallmouth bass represented.
The MBI will be held on Devils Lake next year. Congradulations to the Oakland County Bass Anglers!!
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Congrat's to the OCBA for your win,.....Back in my CVBA club days, we had back to back wins on the Detroit River and then on Pontiac Lk. My partner and I weighed in the biggest limits both years too.......we had 23lbs on the Detroit River plus BIG BASS honors (our club had 53lbs total) and the Oakland Bass Master's came in 2nd with a total club weight of 21lbs! We STROKED'em that day!! Then on Pontiac Lk. the following year, my partner and I had big bag honors again with 15lbs or so and we won that event by double digit's aswell.......that's a cool tournament!! That MBI is probably the one thing I miss most about being in a club,......we wanted to make the top 8 in our club more than anything else, just so we could fish it!! Congrat's again,.......a well deserved win!!

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The oakland county bass anglers, oakland county bass masters, michigan bass busters, washtenaw county bass masters, wayne county bass masters, big water bassin. I beleive these were the clubs although I don't have the list in front of me. The tournament went really well the weigh in was done great. Thanks to the Oakland county bass masters for the trailer, and the weigh in tubs. Awsome job. Also thanks to wayne carpenter, and dave misaras for the suggestion of the 5 inch killer tube. Watermelon with orange flake. Combat fishing rules!
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