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I don't know if everyone caught this, but I've posted a detailed web page directly from the early bass season study done in Michigan by MDNR researchers at the link below.

The page is not my opinion. It is directly from the actual study 91-6 detailed in one location for anglers interested for whatever reason in seeing more than just a few excerpts.

I do have my own commentary of which some has been posted and gone over before here. People can choose to read that or not since it is on a completely separate page from a link on the study page.

I'm a firm believer in getting this type of information out to more anglers so they can choose to make educated decisions. This is whether or not you agree with the results of the study or with what you interpret the results to be. Just so you have access to the information if you are interested in the topic.

I did not post a bunch of the tables or any real technical parts containing mostly formulas. Anyone who really wants to see that stuff can get a copy of the study. Email me and I can tell you how. They do print a limited number of books. I did post much of the actual text from the various sections.

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