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Michigan Marine Salvage

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Amy Froude over at Michigan Marine Salvage & Service Inc. wants to make sure that all the past controversy over MMS is put to rest once and for all! Her and her husband are ready to offer a superior level of service as well as a commitment to all LSCN members... UNLIMITED TOWING for only $59! Please give them a call at 586-468-2430 and tell them you saw their ad on LSCN!

Please join me in welcoming our newest sponsor, Michigan Marine Salvage & Service, Inc. Remember, when you support our sponsors, you help support The Lake St. Clair Network!
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Hello Michigan Marine Salvage! $59.00 unlimited towing??? That has to be per tow not per season! I think I know a few guys that could use this service! I for one will have it in my speed dial for the summer....

Welcome MMS...

Great board with Great people.

But, you already know this!

And thanks for sponsoring LCSN!

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Wow that is a good price. Welcome aboard the site. We could have used you guys a year ago, right Dave. Like Mini said, it's in the speed dial.
Amy was in my captain's class. I will vouch for her. Very nice gal.

It is not $59 per Tow, It is $59 plus a 1 time membership fee of $10, for a Total of $69 for a whole year!!!!

$69 for 1 year....this is an unbelievable price, and you won't find anything better on Lake St. Clair, I guarantee that!!!!!

By the way, you can start your season when you want to. Let's say you were gonna splash your boat May 15, well: when you call to buy your membership, you just tell us that you want it to start May 15th. So then your Towing Membership would be from May 15, 2003 to May 15, 2004....

You dont have to wait to purchase. Vessel Assist is a great Towing Assurance, especially if you only pay $69 for unlimited for 1 year!!!
Hello to Daytonian, I'm not sure who you are since it was me and 25 guys in the class!!!!!
Just remember to call us directly for the awesome deal, if you call the 800 number, they will charge you regular price. Our # is 586-468-2430

Welcome aboard M.M.S. , that sounds like a pretty good deal $ 69.00 for the year ,you probably just gained a lot of customers.
Sure could of used you last year ,waited 6 hrs for my brother stranded on Gull island #@!*^& .

Be talkin to ya !!!
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Amy, Daytonian is Patrick from Dayton, Ohio. I will be in touch to get signed up on that deal.
Anyone heard if Michigan Marine Salvage will be offering LSCN memebers the $59/year unlimited towing? Will they be sending out a renewal to those that already have signed up last year?
I can certainly vouch for MMS's professionalism. They were fantastic when my boat went down this fall. You know i will be signing up when i finaly purchase fishless II.


ps. everyone remember there is a difference between tow and salvage!
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