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Not to get too personal, but does anyone on the network currently own a mid-80's 340 Sundancer that wouldn't mind us looking at the layout?

Everything we have seen has been online and either on the other side of the state or in Wisconsin, or down by Sandusky Ohio.

We are planning a trip next weekend to look at 3 of them, and then have plans to look at another 36' Regal that is local. Thing is, if we both like the Sundancer layout better than what we saw in the Regal we looked at today, that would cancel out next Sunday's excursion.

The 36' Regal has a nice salon, but the forward "stateroom" seems smaller than our forward berth on our current 270 Sundancer. Could be just the year.

Our aft cabin also seems to be deeper and a slight bit wider than what we saw today on the Regal.

Also, if anyone owns a mid- late 80's Regal, is it common for there to be an open space (say 1/2") on the gunnel towards the stern? Dealer said it's probably for venting, but I've never seen this on any other boats we've looked at or been on before.

Thanks for any info you all might be able to provide.
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