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Blue Pike and I tried to beat the heat and ran over to the Middle Channel yesterday afternoon. Set up a troll above Browns in a slot that has produced ok over the last few weeks. Not to be! One walleye, 2 others on and rockbass
It might have been the storms to the north and the wind they brought which pushed us a little faster than we would have liked. All hits came on gold and copper

Think we saw Esoxfly at the bottom (south of the "4" marker). We were gonna float by and give a quick "Hi-Bye", but Blue had a gig at 9pm and Esoxfly made a run toward Crocker. (How'd ya do?)

Tried a few casts around the "4" and took a silver, stopped short of Harley in 12'.... nothing, but were able to redeem ourselves with a few bass near the Clinton Channel

Either way, much better than sitting on land
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