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Went out yesterday in the snow squall. Went to Blossom Heath to try to fish in front of the Coast Guard Station but ice is anything but ready out there. Was heading back when we ran into some guys coming off Miller Marina. Turns out they were heading back to Lakeside to get more bait and claimed they couldn't keep two poles in the water so we gave it a try. They were right! Problem was you couldn't land a perch longer than 6 inches and most were closer to 4. Had only 2 1/2 inches of ice in 8 feet of water where we were and the weight of the snow on the ice was pushing the water up through the holes much to quickly for my liking. After 2 hours we gave it up as the snow was still coming down hard. During that time we must have caught at least 50 perch all taken on minnows with a orange teardrop. Will be fishing Union Lake on Saturday and Monday so will post afterwards. Good luck to all and be safe out there.
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