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Mini....Tournament Calendar?

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Are you and the folks at LSCN going to resurrect the Lake St. Clair tournament calendar? If not, I'll need to take the references to it and links off my website...

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We discussed it at Shooters on Tuesday and I informed Capt'n Chris, and I assume others too, would like to have a dedicated tournament calander as opposed to sharing an event calander with the board. Capt'n Chris told me he would see what he can do. I think if everyone started chiming up about it, they would respond.

So what do all you folks think? Do you want a tournament calander here? How many people actually use it?

In the past I created it to stop all the phone calls from guys on Thurs. & Fri. wondering what tournament(s) were coming up on Clair. Last year I expanded to show other tournaments and opened it up to all to be able to llist events. Do we want that again?

I liked the calendar, I used it quite a bit. I also liked the pro's pointer's, but they seemed not be updated very often.....
The Pro's Pointers were kinda put ona burner for a while. We will probably be bringing them back, it is under discussion.

Thank you for the kind words, heck I didnt even know anyone read them.

Yeah Mini they are read, gotta make up for my lack of speed with knowledge. I might not get there first but I don't wanna wind up being worst.
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Well I will talk with the guys that run this beast and see what we can do!

As I am sure you know by now, speed isnt everything!

Hey John. I think a dedicated tournament calander is a good thing.

heres my "pro pointer"

Never stand in a canoe when you have been drinking all day in the sun!

this is the best advice i can give you at this point

madman himself
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I spoke with Cat'n Chris last night after viewing a new calander. I told him it would work...look for it soon. Give me a few days to add events. I will psot when I am done.

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