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MINI, What Time @ Shooters

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Let me know what time you are planning on being their.
I'll come up after school, which should be around 7:30pm.
Is this a LSCN get together?

Call me @ work.
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Yes it is a LSCN get together.....7:30 should be fine. I will be there around that time probably closer to 8.

I will call you @ work right now.


Congrats on the 1000 K Club.

Glad to see someone will accompany you to Shooters tonight from the Fishing Forum. Its always nice to see new faces, can't wait to meet you BassTrap.

I know Mac doesn't venture out during the week, but were expecting record attendance tonight at Shooters. Maybe we can antis him?

I just remembered that I wanted to talk to you about the calendar tonight John, don't let me forget.
Chris,...I've been known to venture out during the week on occasion!!LOL
Infact the last really gooood hangover I had,.....was on a thursday!!!

Thanks MINI!!!!!......ahahahha....or should we send the bill for 45 asprin to Peppi's of Waterford?!!

Hope ya'll had fun!!

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Just wanted to say nice meeting you Mini and Brastrap, I mean Basstrap, at Shooters last night.
As always good to party with you last night Mini...
BassTrap, it was good to party with you also... I hope to see you up there again.

Mac, I was told to give you some [email protected] no particular reason why though.
Something about a chicken wing on an antenna?
Had a great time, was really great to meet so many super people.
Next time I show up I'm not coming as Basstrap, I like the other two names that got pinned on me. AKA Brastrap and Asstrap.

You guys rock! See you all Soon
Chris,.....never mind the psycho-babble that spews forth out of asstraps mouth,...he's just tryin' to get other people to fight his battles for him since he can't seem to ever catch his "Wing-man" in action!!...Seems he's been terrorized by Hooter's chicken wings and drink cups being left on his truck's antenna (3 times!!!) and he tends to drive around town for hours or days at a time without even noticing!!(is that hillarious or what?!
) ...ohwell,
There's nothing like playing a good joke on a buddy,....but when they don't even notice and they drive around for awhile while people point and laugh,....THAT's PRICELESS!!!

"Mac the Jackal"
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MAC, I have you so nervous, so many people are looking for you.
When the sh*t hits the fan, you won't know who threw it there.LOL

Got some new ideas last night from the crew on how to .....................
Forget it, you'll find out soon enough my little Cartoonist Friend..........
You're KILLIN' me Joe,..I can't sleep at night!!!
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