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Mini give us a report on the fish you have been slaying. Make us suffer. lol

I'm sure you have been having a good time. Yes were all stuck here in the snow but spring is due soon.


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Most of the fishing I am doing is without hooks in the tanks at Bass pro Shops....

I did get out a week ago on a golf course near the factory here in Houston for a quick limit. BIG largemouth cruising the shores of the 10 ponds on the course. Hard to get to them cause you spook them tip toeing up within casting distance. HOPEFULLY I will get the new Skeeter wet next week (just picked it up at the Skeeter factory today). Still have to rig the trolling motor and mount the depthfinders/GPS.

Spent this past weekend in Bossier City (BPS), the weekend before that the Katy BPS (Houston). This week is the 29th Annual Houston Fishing Show, then off to the Dallas store (I think)....

Been too busy selling rods, doing seminars and paperwork and talking on the phone to be fishing....

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