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Mitchell's Bay 8-30 to 9-03

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We will be fishing out of Mitchell's Bay from 08-30 to 09-03. Just checking to see what the action was like up that way. Perch, walleye, smallies and Muskies. Any info would be appreciated.
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go deep young man!!!!!!go deep!!!!!!!!!.............water temps in the mitchells bay area should in 80's.....o.k for early morning or late evening ...those fish will tend only to feed during those times, there's only so much O2 in the water there.......

walleye/perch/muskie set your compass at 240 degrees out of mitchells till you hit 18' plus of water and start fishin.....good luck!..
For more info, check out a local outfitter, they also have fishing reports:
If you are going to go out to Mitchells Bay you might as well go a little farther and hit the Canadian side of the ditch still in U.S. water. Some great fishing going on in the areas around bouy 24 and 26.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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