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Mo went to the Mountain

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What a night. Talked to Doug, Mini, got Mac to do what he does to a couple of new rods. Even got to talk to Pete about Musky fishing. He took the time to walk me around the place and gave me lots of free advice. I'm beginning to see the dedication, pride that you guys have about your sport. Good seeing all of you again. Thanks for all the tips, along with your time. It's a great show and I know you all were busy. Now I got sneak all this stuff in the house tomorrow without the bride seeing it. It's still in the truck. I don't want to explain why I needed all this new equipment tonight. LOL

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I really enjoyed the seminars today and believe me I took a lot of notes. As usual, I learned a lot of new things to try and plan on doing so as soon as this darn ice melts! I must have been distracted when you gave out the GPS coordinates though.

Please don't tell Kimmell that I brought up pre-season bass fishing. I didn't mean to put you on the spot. It generated more of a discussion than I thought it would.


I really enjoyed your seminar also. I don't think some of those people that don't know you believed some of those pictures you brought. They are awsome.

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Great to see you at BPS. Thanks for stopping by, hope you found enough energy to pick on all that was there!

Thanks Doug. All I can say is "Oh Yeah". Great time.


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