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My buddy and I made it out last night from 11pm-3am on the DR in search of some more night 'eyes. Water was a sheet of glass, and we managed a whopping 2 small fish between us. Tried casting, trolling the breakwalls...jigs and cranks. Missed a couple small hits, but otherwise a very uneventful night (albeit wonderfuly nice out) on the shores.

I've certainly noticed that the fishing goes to he*! if it is super calm out; anyone else notice this? I mean, notwithstanding the 'eyes we usually get, we at least get a dozen or so smallies and rock bass, but I mean, when it's been really calm out this entire summer, we do well to catch a single fish...

Any advice as to what to do in such conditions, other than stay home?

I didn't report this 'cause I've been super busy since, and away for the weekend, but last Thursday night, in the rain, my buddy and I were out for about 2 hours and he got a nice 3lber 'Eye--this right after me asking for advice on how to catch bigger fish (bigger lures). He was using a small, 4" crank!
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