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Mopar fans cometh

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For Mopar fans, here is the answer. For only $36,000.00 you could have this motor in your boat.
I read recently that Ilmor installed two of these V-10's into a 32 ft. Skater w/Merc #6 drives and it ran about 120mph. Ilmor is located in Plymouth MI and partially owned by Daimler Chrysler. But the motors are available to the public now.

Engine configuration: 90 degree V10
Capacity: 505 ci (8,300cc)
Power: 550 HP (410 Kw) @ 5,500 RPM
Torque: 600 ft lb (814 Nm) @ 4,500 RPM, also featuring over 500 ft lb's (678 Nm) at all RPM over 2,500.
Full Throttle RPM Range: 5,300-5,700 RPM
Bore & Stroke: 4.030in (102.4 mm) / 3.960in (100.6 mm)
Compression Ratio: 9.6 to 1
Fuel Requirement: 92 posted octane premium gasoline
Cylinder Block & Cylinder Heads: Precision cast aluminum for light weight.
Crankshaft: Fully balanced forged 4340 steel precision machined.
Connecting Rods: Fully balanced steel precision machined.
Valve Gear: 2 Valves per cylinder push rod operated.
Camshaft: Hydraulic roller type camshaft for quieter operation and reduced maintenance caused by wear.
Weight: 800 lbs (363 Kg) dry, complete with CMI stainless steel headers and cooling system.
Water Cooling System: Thermostatically controlled closed-cooling system using Sen-Dure water / water intercooler.
Oil Cooling System: Thermostatically controlled closed-cooling system using Sen-Dure oil / water intercooler.
Fuel Injection: Multi Point Electronic fuel injection controlled by JTEC Engine Control Module for great engine running quality and performance.
Ignition System: JTEC Engine Control Module firing individual ignition coils per cylinder for greater spark energy with electronically controlled spark advance.
Alternator Amps: 160A (2.2 Kw)
Idle Control: Closed loop idle air control for rock steady 750 RPM idle and ease of handling in the marina.
Warranty: 1 year conditional warranty for recreational boating.
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I saw a little something in the paper the other day about that V10 viper motor. Their putting in a motorcycle. It will sell for $550K and go 300 MPH!
They already have orders for 9 of them to be made.
Freakin scary if you ask me.....
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My cousin is a race mechanic for a Viper Racing Team out of Duluth. He was down last year and I rode over with him to Saleen (I think it was Saleen) where he picked up a new Viper to take back (we loaded it into an enclosed car hauler). It was pretty interesting to see all the things they do. He might know the answers to any questions anyone might have on the motors. Let me know and I will forward them on to him. He has worked for this company for quite a while now.

Now they need to get a Hemi!

"Hey that boat got a HEMI?"

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There was an article about the V10 in last months (december) of Boating Magazine. As Convincor posted, not too much in common with the Viper version. The article said that these 1st engines have been conservatively 'marinized' for reliability, and given development time, they will eventually produce almost twice the HP and torque than they do now!!

As a side note, Ilmor designs and builds the Mercedes V10 used by the McLaren F1 race team. They also have extensive experience building motors for CART race teams.
Pantera Racing had one of the v-10 in a 28 ft last year also
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