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Hitting the reasturant at 21 and Jeff. at 6:30 A.M. then somewhere on the lake for some Muskie - Bass - Pike and whatever.
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Hope you have a great day. Are you taking your boat out?
Good luck!

BTW Mr. B, did you try calling me on Sunday night around 9:30 or did you dial my number by mistake? Your number showed up on my caller ID.
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GL bob & see ya tuesday mornin!
Have a great day on the water, wish I was out there throwing a bucktail over the weed beds right now......................
Yes Zib I did but don't ask me why I forgot LOL Not my boat. I caught the fiest fish small Muskie (NO PHOTO). Doug. caught his biggest Smallmouth and a very funny looking Pike with all round spots on a vertical pattern and a solid brown back. Plus he lost one of the girls just before we quit at 3 PM.
By the way Zib nice fish you posted on my site thanks a lot. Sure wish more would join and post nice stuff.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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