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Not LSC but had to share (brag) nonetheless - my buddies and I hit a small private lake up in Bayfield Ontario a couple times a year. We've made friends with the landowner, and there is essentially zero fishing pressure on this lake - just us and the occasional folks renting his one cottage. The lake is about 60 acres, we think, and 40 ft deep at it's lowest point.

The rules for our little informal contest are surface baits only, and you have to boat the fish to count. We forgot our scales so this year was length only. I caught Mr. Big this year, who measured almost 18 inches lip to tip. We probably caught close to 60 or 70 fish between the 3 of us over 9 hours, and at least two dozen in the 13-15 inch range. Life was definitely good.

Mr. Big (and a ton more) was caught on a regular size hula popper, light blue fading to yellow-white on the belly. Just about bend my rod into a U!

Pardon my ugly mug in the pic!


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