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i just wanted to say a few things about the mucc. we all know that the mucc puts on the outdoorama every year ( since 1973 i think???) but it wasnt until this year at the show that i realized just how vital a role they play in our state. i have went to the outdoorama every year now since i was old enough to drive, but this was the first year that i actually went to the mucc booth to talk to these people. its amazing how many things we take for granted ( and when i say we i dont mean all). but i had no idea the amount of programs this organization is involved in. i am also proud to say that i will be a memeber very soon. i ask any of you who are not members to join. get some information and read about the things mucc has done in the past, what they are involved in now, and the plans for the future. its $25 to become a member for 1 year, you can also make a tax deductible contribution. for those of you making the big money , $500 will get you a life membership. anyway, i just wanted to say a piece about them, and what a great organization they are. i think anyone who spends time outside owes a debt to mucc, they are responsible for keeping it clean, healthy, and seeing to the preservation of it for future generations to enjoy. help to keep it that way, JOIN!

madman himself
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Good call, Madman. I've been a member of MUCC for 16 years. A great group of people and very active on conservation issues on both the state and federal level. They have nearly 100,000 members and more than 500 affiliate organizations. The largest conservation organization of it's kind in the entire country. You can join just by taking out a subscription to Michigan-Out-Of-Doors, MUCC's monthly publication, or by joining one of their affiliate clubs. Some local affiliate clubs are: Lake St. Clair Walleye Assoc.; Lake St. Clair Bass Anglers; Michigan Ontario Musky Club; Downriver Walleye Federation; Perch Point Conservation Club; Huron Point Sportmans Club; Richmond Sportsmans Club; Gilberts Sportsmans Club; and Detroit Sportsmans Congress just to name a few. Get involved in the outdoors. Join one of these worthwhile organizations.
I sure like to see more people realizing how lucky we are in Michigan to have such an organization that if used correctly can accomplish a lot for any outdoors group. I was on the Board of Directors and the Fisheries Committee for years. I had to listen to lots of different issues and opinions from a broad range of interests, but I was able to get some things accomplished with their strong support behind me much easier than if I (representing the Michigan BASS Chapter Federation) had 'gone it alone.'
amen other state i would want to live in
I'm with you Ken, I just got back from working in Indiana for two weeks, and after talking to a couple of guys from down there about hunting and fishing in Indiana, makes Me appreciate the state of Michigan even more than I already do. Most of them and their families go to Michigan to deer hunt every year because of the amount of state land We have to offer.
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Echo that. Lived all over the U.S. Michigan is a great place in the summer. It's the winters that I have problems with.
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Icet, There's nothing wrong with winter. You just have to dress for it. There's an old Scotish saying that goes, "There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes."
Do It On The Ice!!

MUCC is a vital role in Michigan and to it's resources!

Would live anywhere else! The seasons last long enough till you get sick of them. Think GOD planned it that way????!!!!!!! He created the perfect place!
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