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Muskegon River

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Particulary the area around Farwell/Reed City. I will be up there next weekend and plan to fish it from canoe/wading. Any info about species/tactics/lures would be greatly appreciated.
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My suggestion is to not fish it ......... the river is not very good at all in that area. The Hersey river dumps in around Reed City and it is a better fishery and has some decent browns in it.

Muskegon is very hit and miss in that area it has some small mouth, pike, walleye, suckers and browns in it but they are very few and far between.

Maybe you should consider the PM .... it is only a short 10 mile ride west and has much better fishing.
I just noticed you had Farwell .......... thats a big area from Farwell to Reed City ...... where you staying in EVART?

If your staying in Evart let me recommend Big Lake ....... awsome Bass and pike fishery.

If your staying in Farwell let me recomemnd Crooked lake in Lake Station.

If your staying in Reed City ...... I would recomend Haymarsh or the PM.
ABA - good call, I'm actually camping about 6 miles west of Evart right on the river. I was just trying to give a wide range of area I would take a canoe. Sounds like maybe I'll take a ride over to the PM, I was hoping to find some quality fishing in the Muskegon. Thanks for the replies!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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