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muskie fishing

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ok a newbie question been fishing all my life caught damn near everything in that lake but a stergeon and a muskie what are some good tricks to catching them i ve heard everthing from keep your bait in the wash to just cast out a jig with a tail and neither have produced for me
so here is my question what can i do to catch one of them buggers and is it the same for big water and small water?
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Time lots of time. Cast or troll bucktails or body baits. Give it lots of time. Some times ppl go out and catch them every day. It takes experience and did I mention lots of time. I am happy if I get a follow. If I get one hooked up then its a good day. I have been fishing for muskie going on 5 years and I am learning new things every time I go out. If you are out there long enough u will eventually catch one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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