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Went out the spillway launch friday morning.
Got a 46 about 7:45.....she was a pig too. Had some
marks and one of her eyes was all messed up. She did
not release well at all....hope she makes it!
Got another 36 around 11am. skinny but in great
shape. released prefect.
Lost a nice fish because of a bad planer board
release. at 8am.
All fish where in 15 foot of water, 400 club area.

Would have done better but my partner ran over a
line and it tangled my drive so bad i had to dive in and
get as much off as I could....lost a nice lure too!!!!
after messing with it awhile I got to were I could turn the
prop...ran really slow into the launch pulled the
boat...pulled the prop and removed line.
went out and fished some more......partner is not
allowed to drive anymore....hahahahahhahahahahah
Might have been able to fix it but jerks in big boats
kept coming close to us and their wakes made it
impossible to!
They got the whole lake why the heck do they incest
on coming within 100 feet of fishermen!!!!!! I seen some
waleye guys flipping them off and yelling at them....

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I have had the same problem almost being run down. Three times by larger powerboats and once a snailboat. I have decided to take my digital camera with me and take a picture of the morons responsible and posting the somewhere here. Maybe if they see a picture of themselves 30 feet from another boat doing 35mph we can shame them into behaving and giving us a little room!!

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My partner wanted to shoot them with the flares. I had to calm him down and take the flares!!!!!!!!

Digital pictures would be great, one of these days I'll
get a dig camara. After my boat is completely set up!
As for now I use those disposible ones. and I'm not wasting film on those ugly idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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