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I recieved an email yesterday, as I am sure alot of you did, from a member of this site advertising a tournament circuit via the email links in our member profiles.

I assure you that this was done WITHOUT the knowledge of myself or this site and IS NOT ALLOWED.

I have called and emailed the person that sent the emails and warned him of his wrong doing. If subsequent emails are sent in the same manner, he will be banned from the site.

The Lake St Clair Network doesnt like spam any more than you do and will never sell your email address to anyone, that is why it is protected in your member profile.

I am sincerley sorry about the spam that was sent and believe me it does not reflect positively on this person or the organization they represent.

If you have anymore questions and/or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or pne of the Admins of this site.


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John as I have stated in other posts I did not intend to Spam or to offend you or anyone for that matter. I have apologized and would like to put this behind us. Spam is mass e-mailing. I do not own any mass e-mail software. I only typed a single e-mail and sent it to approximately 15 people whom I thought would be interested. I greatly regret ever e-mailing anyone on this board and will not do so again in the future.

However I feel the need to set the record straight do to this quote:

believe me it does not reflect positively on this person or the organization they represent.

I have not ever nor will I ever own any Spam software. I sent one e-mail out and copied it to approximately 15 members of this board whom I thought would be interested. I also sent that same e-mail out to everyone whom I have in my address book.

Of the 15 e-mails I sent out I received back 9 positive responses back. I did not receive one negative response back. If I had thought sending out information would be an offence to any of you I would not have done so. If I had known that this was not allowed I would not have sent an e-mail.

In the past I have received numerous invites to join clubs, opens, series etc. from this site. Never have I ever been offended by someone doing so. I have always regarded this information as valuable for planning the tournament season. Therefore I was unaware that me sending out information about a series would be offensive to anyone.

As I told John I apologize to anyone whom I may have offended and will not do this again in the future.

Also I have several people in my address book whom have gotten there because they have sent me info in the past. I ask that if me sending you info offends you then please let me know. I will make sure you're not in my address book.

Back to the Quote above:

If the sending of information shows a negative appearance on my organization and me I am deeply in regret. I would have never thought this to be of such grave offence to any one or any organization.

Again I apologize for sending out 15 e-mails about a local bass event. I will never again use this site to send another e-mail. I am deeply sorry that such information comes as an offence to some and I apologize to those individuals. I would hope that sending out information would not look negatively on my organization or me. If not for advertisements such as fliers, e-mails and posts how else would us tournament fishermen know about events? If I had known that this was banned on this site I would have never done so.


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