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ok - so I had some company over the other night and we were having a few cocktails. I vaguely remember my 8 year old daughter Danielle telling me Mongo was on Yahoo! Instant Messenger. So today, I'm farting around with the properties in there and I stumble across the archived messages. Needless to say I just read the conversation my daughter had with Mongo (she is the "imshandog" here) and I CAN NOT believe she is starting this crap at such a young age. (Oh yes, Danielle & I will be having a talk later on about this... <_<

Like mother, like daughter it looks like. I'll "bold" where my daughter's hereditary shandiggitydoggetyness is as blunt as her mother's.

Sorry Mongo, and the world. It's bad enough you all have one Shandog to deal you all gotta look out for the Shanpuppy as well!


mongo1217 (9:28:24 PM): yo
mongo1217 (9:30:48 PM): shandiggity!
imshandog (9:29:53 PM): hi
imshandog (9:30:37 PM): my mom is talking to her friends
imshandog (9:31:05 PM): are you still there
mongo1217 (9:33:15 PM): yeppers
imshandog (9:31:21 PM): ok
mongo1217 (9:33:26 PM): is that you shandog?
imshandog (9:31:40 PM): no
imshandog (9:32:04 PM): I'm her doughter shan puppy
mongo1217 (9:34:11 PM): is this one of her kiddies?
mongo1217 (9:34:20 PM):
imshandog (9:32:22 PM): yeppers
mongo1217 (9:34:37 PM): hey there Shanpuppy!
imshandog (9:32:49 PM): hi
mongo1217 (9:35:07 PM): your mom available?
imshandog (9:33:26 PM): whoam I talking to
mongo1217 (9:35:33 PM): Mongo
imshandog (9:33:52 PM): whats your first name
mongo1217 (9:36:04 PM): Mike....
imshandog (9:34:15 PM): oh Isee
mongo1217 (9:36:23 PM): I am a friend of your mom from The Lake St. Clair Network
imshandog (9:35:01 PM): and yes she is avabile(Ithink)
imshandog (9:35:36 PM): have I ever met you
mongo1217 (9:37:51 PM): I don't think so
imshandog (9:36:07 PM): let me go check
imshandog (9:36:11 PM): ok
mongo1217 (9:38:15 PM): thanks
imshandog (9:36:19 PM): hold on
imshandog (9:37:30 PM): puala and mannieis over my house
mongo1217 (9:39:49 PM): sweet...
mongo1217 (9:39:55 PM): girls night out?
imshandog (9:38:04 PM): yep
mongo1217 (9:40:23 PM): question for you...
imshandog (9:38:34 PM): what
mongo1217 (9:40:49 PM): Eddie says you know your way around the golf course...
imshandog (9:38:56 PM): yeppers
mongo1217 (9:41:17 PM): I need a fourth for Sunday interested?
imshandog (9:39:23 PM): I have a question 4 you
mongo1217 (9:41:47 PM): go on..
imshandog (9:40:03 PM): are you a hottie?
mongo1217 (9:42:47 PM):'s me...Mongo...remember me....nasty, ugly old Mongo?
imshandog (9:41:17 PM): my name is danielle
imshandog (9:41:29 PM): her doughter
mongo1217 (9:43:44 PM):


SO SORRY MONGO!! You must've been like this
after that little conversation. I, I, I am not prepared for this kind of crap yet - that's for sure!!!

Sorry Again
Thanks for thinking of me for your foursome too - hopefully next time I can come through for you!

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QUOTE(Bill272 @ Jun 17 2003, 04:21 PM)Now that's pretty funny...

Isn't this the same girl who takes beer to school???

by golly it is !

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omg! I am CRYING !!!!! CLMCLAO!!!!! Too funny! mother, like daughter!!! That is classic!!

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Miss YOU! Hope school is going well.

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QUOTE(Girlie @ Jun 17 2003, 07:18 PM)ha ha ha!!! I needed that!!!

Girlie !


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Payback for all that you put your mom through???
Just a guess&#8230;.

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QUOTE(pauligan @ Jun 17 2003, 09:47 PM)Had to read that again!!!

Note Mongo has nothing to say after that shocking info!!!
You sure it wasn't really an FBI agent posing as a young girl, trying to catch online child predators.

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I don't think our kids can play together. Sorry.

Wow, and I though Campari Jr. was a lot like me, you and your daughter got us beat by light years!!!

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Been working all night so I just now found this thread...

That was quite the funny little chat I had with the young ShanPuppy!

She had me laughing out loud when she asked if I was a HOTTIE! Very funny!
I suspected that Shandog, Pauline and Cyndi were all looking over her shoulder, laughing their a$$es off at my expense, so I ended the conversation abruptly and cowered away to avoid any more humiliation at the hands of the SHANPUPPY!

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I'm reading this to Scott since he never gets on here anymore...he's laughing HIS CLA off, too

haha - poor Mongo...we love ya!
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