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My first time to the lake this past weekend and love it

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From Toledo, And came up from JN which was a good time but almost to many boats, didn't have a raft and took all I got to get up to the island. Guess I'll try and get there earlier next time. But still something to see with all the boats. Stayed on the island, and went to muscamoot the next day which I enjoyed more as you walk through the gaunlet see everyone and all the boats that were there and the party was right in front of you. Def. be on my way up in the next couple weeks. People told me to check out the beach grill as the day come to an end. Anywhere else anyone would recommend. You guys have an awesome thing going up there and be glad your not on lake erie. Hopefully people respect that.
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Welcome aboard!! There are tons of places to go. Just for food go here:

plenty more folks will come along and offer their knowledge as well.
Try Brown's in the middle channel for a trademark Madison Burger.

A definite MUST is Riverside on the South Channel for some Knots. Mmmmmmmmm love knots.
Welcome to LSCN!

I second the Browns and Riverside suggestions.

You boated all the way from Toledo? That's a nice long cruise -- just the kind I like!

We're out of Ecorse, and we've gone to both ends of your trip, but never in one outing. Although, I'm still a little proud of the day I swam in Lake Huron, St. Clair, and Erie.
From Seaway Island up to Lexington, then down to Lake Erie, and back up to Ecorse, isn't a bad way to spend a Sunday.
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Glad you made it around good up here.
Next time you come up give me a call or hopefully we can meet up in PIB soon.

Listen to what they say on here, Brown's is great...however I still have not been to Riverside.

I have to get there soon.

I will be at metro all weekend if you head back up.

-Mister Kay
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