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Yeah the song by AC/DC.

I got a old stereo on my boat but its got a amp and some OK speakers. Theres one tape that for some reason has had a permenant home on the boat. AC/DC.

Its kind of a joke, mixed in with a little sarcasm. How ever its also become a ritual that brings us good luck while fishing.

When we leave the boat launch. Well, I time it right. Bong Bong Bong. I put the tape in, by the time the bells are done were leaving the no wake zone or marina. Thats when the giutar kicks in and we crack the beers. Simultaneously we inch up on plane. and then a few seconds later the drums and lyrics kick in thats when its ------TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!!! We zip across the lake spilling are foamed up beers all over our faces as we head to our fishing destination. With that song cranked up all the way. Striking fear into the fishes cuz they know whos coming!!! Well I just heard that song on the way home had to pass up the house for a extra lap around the block!



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