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QUOTE(dawson0919 @ Jun 19 2009, 12:20 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>It's the only lure she knows how to use, but caught everything, including pike catfish smallies largemouth....

Anyone ever caught musky on tube??

Every year three or four times!!! Usually when with Bob Brunner. He will fish for musky with musky baits. I will fish for bass witha tube. He catches the biggest bass and I catch the biggest musky almost every time. I would have done it that last time we fished, but he banned me from using

I have a video of one at home I caught that is pretty cool. I will try and post it tonight.

Here is the one from the video:

View attachment 62811

Here is one I caught the weekend before in the same area:

View attachment 62812

Both caught while smallie fishing.

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Look at those shorts!!!

Nice fish Mini.

I catch a few every year on tubes as well, though none have been that big.

So far in 2009, I have caught more muskies while bass fishing than 4# smallmouth which hurts in more ways than one.

Mini,He asked me what I was planning on catching with a rattle trap,bass or pike.I think he has a picture with a good size Musky that I caught with him.I do have to admit that I beefed up the hooks and the split rings just in case I caught something bigger,at least I can land it without breaking it off and having a fish swimming with a mouthfull of hooks in its mouth,because to me that is a dead fish.So the next time he won't allow you to use tubes remind him what he always says there are no rules in musky fishing.And I got a kick out of what You said about not working so hard to catch a fish.

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