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Nautical Mile BP!

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Man what a Great store Nautical mile BP is! I have gotten gas there many a times, and was in there again today buying minnows this morning! Rob you are a lil stud! Very helpful and friendly, and because of that your shop will continue to get my business and word of mouth! Next I will try to help get you a raise from your mom! Thanks again, and if you havent tried Nautical mile BP you need too!

24' Baja 454 Magnum
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How much are their minnows? More expensive than usual?
I believe their minnows were $3 dozen, and they definitely gave me more than a bakers dozen! Man that place is great!

Great store, and very friendly. Maybe one day they will stop selling gas and jerky and stick to tackle.
No selling gas is a big plus. They have the one stop fishing shop. get your gas, snacks, bait, and tackle all in one place. That is one awesome place. And if you ask for a dozen minnows you get like two dozen, If you ask for two dozen you get like three or four. Not like some other shops where they try to count out the minnows.
Watched Jackie morph the old Colonial Standard into a class act baitshop/gas station. She gets my business when I'm down that way.

I was in there sunday around 7:30 and there was a line 4 deep buying minnows. I then drove pass Lakeside and there was 1 car in the lot. COINCIDENCE??????? I dont think so.
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jackie does good business and i will go there before lakeside anyday
lakeside went wrong when they started counting minnows....make a nickle twice not a dime once ....bp has good custom based values that keep me going their..although their are things they dont have that lakeside does...either way good job jackie and crew keep youre shiners lively i am almost done with walleye and ready for perch.
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They are great, I stop in there a couple times a week.
Lakeside gets none of my business anymore. I don't think they have the proper attitude. When I was going in there they always seemed to want to rush you into buying something. I have gone to nautical mile bp all summer and they will have my business for as long as they are in the bait and gas business.
I respect and support any sponsor that's on this site, but easy on the bashing. Quite a few of my purchases i've made this year have been at BP and I am impressed with everything Jackie has done and I plan on supporting in the future but I have also made alot of purchases at Lakeside and I have to say, for a mom and pop shop they are priced better on alot of things and compareable on most others to the big chain stores. I buy minnows from there alot due to the fact that they are 2 blocks from my house and I have never had an issue with counts or liveliness as long as they are cared for properly. As a matter of fact, I get a GREAT count of minnows every time I buy from there. I can understand some peoples complaints as they don't have the greatest customer service in the world but to turn this into a bash lakeside thread is wrong. Jackie does a great job, and in all honesty, I probably prefer shopping there but I just dont think it's fair to a local, family owned business to sit here and bash them with how many hundreds of people a day viewing this site. Bottom line is, if it wasn't for stores like lakeside, BP, Jimmys, Anglers pointe, Pro fishing and archery, etc. etc. where would we go for bait and tackle? Gander MTN on 59? Be grateful that we have so many options to shop and we have a couple great sponsors in Jimmy's, BP, Anglers pointe but I personally like to support all local family owned shops just for the fact that if it weren't for them we would have to rely on the big boys in the business for our needs. Me personally, I would rather spend my money locally. Sorry for the novel but I just think this went from supporting a sponsor to bashing a local business and it kind of bugged me. Sorry for the rant. Good luck and tight lines.
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u have a very good point and i have to go to lakeside as well when jackie doesnt have what i need but what gets me is when i go to lakeside to get a muskie rod and its 69$ and then i go to jackies and its 59$ whats that about but like u said thats why we are lucky to have so many options
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