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NBAA Double Barrel St. Clair BASS Tournament

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The first of the 5 NBAA DOUBLE BARREL St. Clair Tournaments will be held on June 27,2009

These are team events ( or can be fished as a single). Entry fee is $ 100.00 per boat.
This includes $4.00 for big bass pot.

Barry and I will be at the ramp at 4:30 AM on Sat. to start the check ins.

We will be launching at safe light.. so come earlier.

We will again have trophies this year for 1-2-3 places and big fish.

Note: This is openning day of Canadian waters.... No Off limits except in the launch bay.

Each year our field average has increased, and we hope to top the 45 boat mark this season.

We will be checking in by the rest rooms in the morning and the weigh-in trailer will be set up

by the Sheriff's station in the afternoon.

We will be fishing at least a full 8 hours.

Rules and return times will be annouced at a morning meeting. ( safe light).

We again wish all our anglers the very best of luck this season.

See you on Saturday !

Paul Sacks
Diector of Divisions - # 42 Tuesday St. Clair - STARTS THIS TUESDAY NIGHT
# 43 Oakland County
Saturdays Double Barrels
Sat Fall St. Shivers ( starts in the fall.)
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Jason and I will be there even though he is getting married the night before!
I do not know what kind of shape we will be in but we wouldn't miss it.
Looking forward to seeing you guys again.
Married? He had a girl friend? HUH!!! working and fishing when did he have time?
Getting Married and then fishing the next day?

Now that's something special. Sounds like she is a keeper!


Paul S.
Well we made it on little sleep as Paul and Barry were packing it all in to launch. What a beautiful day! Had a great time. Did not stay for the whole weigh in, went home to sleep asap.
How many boats ?
who won?
with what weight?
I realy wanted to fish the division this year but couldnt make the first tx, I still might make a couple...hopefully.
I think there was like 45 or 46 boats. Don't know who won but I believe the leading weight when I left was 21.85 or 89. But like MJ's autopsy we won't know the full results for at least a week.
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43 boats, 21.8something. Dobson/Greene won it.

we had 16.55 for 8th place.
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