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Alex E. and myself fished this past weekends NBAA tournament. Had a great time with Alex and the fishing got better for us at the end of the day, oh well.

About the LSC weekend Trail:
A $25.00 membership fee, which covers the whole family at your address.
(This fee also covers any of the other NBAA Tournment Trails)
A $115.00 per team entry fee + $10.00 for Big Bass = $125.00 per event
Subsitutes are permissable.
We had a nice turn out with a total of 23 teams, which included a blast off boat that assured a proper launch.

What really impressed me was the payout:
For 23 boats the NBAA paid out the first 4 places.
1st Barry Buccarelli and S. Cary $650.00 + 2 plaques
2nd Barry Narrin and his subsitute partner Mark Capots $450.00 + 2 plaques
3rd Brian Ward and Todd Deziel 325.00 + 2 plaques + Big Bass $230.00
4th T. Monaghan and J. Camiller $200.00

At year end, the top qualifiers from all the events go on to fish the NBAA Classic which is offering a chance to win a 2003 fully rigged Triton Boat.
NBAA keep up the good work, I'm sure that your tournament trail will grow!
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