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Need a favor.......

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Ok, I am trying to avoid buying a couple feet of material when I just need like 5-6" of it. So I figured I would see if anybody here could hook me up.

Soooo. I am looking for 5-6" of square tubing. Not too picky, alum, mild steel, SS, whatever you have (I can powdercoat it if need be). The only thing I am looking for is the inner dimm needs to be .625" across (5/8" for you non tech types
), wall thickness can be whatever.....

Thanks in advance!!

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I have some in my garage. I will measure it and get back to you later this evening after I get home.
You rock!! Really appreciate it if you have some!!
Thanks Dave, but I already looked there and called integrity steel, and a few others. I only need a half of a foot, not interested in buying 6' of it.....

But thanks!!
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I have 3/4" ID in alum. and steel ans 1/2" in steel, let me know if this will work.
Wildthing, vinnie said he was going to see what he had too, but if not I could use the .750 alum you have.

You want a few bucks for a 6" piece? Beers? Let me know.

I will have it with me just call me @ 586...615...5067
Thanks for taking the time to help me out Jim. Hope everything works out on your engine there.........
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Let me know if you still need this, it is in my truck.

Jim, I am so sorry!! Work has been nuts, and the usual family stuff...... I completely forgot about it. Nice of me to ask a favor and then not follow up on it huh.............................

Thursday ok? Can I catch you on your way home from work? You name when and where, and I will be there, just not tomorrow, have out of town customers to entertain.

Again, sorry. I don't have a good excuse to give, just flippin forgot.
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Call me when you ready I will be on that side of town between 3:30 and 4:00.
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