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need a rebuild kit for my fuel pump

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i have a 3.0 4cyl merc

everyone i called wants to sell me the whole pump anyone know where i can get the kit

Its about time to buy another boat but my credit isnt perfect
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assuming you have an outboard, you coud try carls on harper in the shores. since he's an older shop he may carry just the kit. Only place I checked when I needed one was dees, on 16 and grosbeck. I got raped there. all they carried at the time was the whole pump.Some of your older marinas may have one also. Otherwise check some of the small engine repair shops. Long shot, but it's only a phone call. Good luck
thanx but its an inboard the whole pump is 150
QUOTE(wallysteve @ Jul 31 2009, 04:23 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>thanx but its an inboard the whole pump is 150

I am going to check with one of my distributors for you. ( I have 20 years in the marine parts/warranty area) What year is it? - Jackie

ps. call me at the store if you like
QUOTE(wallysteve @ Jul 31 2009, 04:23 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>thanx but its an inboard the whole pump is 150

My daughter has one we had same problem, marinas wanted , outlandish money for parts. what type motor,Who makes it. hers was a ford 4 cyl. I ended up taking the fuel pump along with the motor number to United auto on gratiot between 12 1/2 (common rd.) and 13 mile. next to post office.
I had to wait 24 hours for it, but only paid around 50 for the whole pump. that wa 2 years ago. Check with them. or a they could know where to get a rebuild kit . we were looking for a 90 ford
motor. that's why the wait
its to late now but i found out it was the same as a 5.7 chevy pump but i bought one last nite at west marine $150.00 thanx for the help though
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