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So I want to write in a graduation card the "best places" to go to in East Lansing primarily non-academic (for a girl.) Best burger, best ice cream, best place to go with other girls, best place to go to meet guys, cheapest food, best coffee house to study in, best dance club, best general hang out, and any other inside information. Best place to buy used text books, workout, etc.

thank you in advance lscn spartans

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I was just sitting here thinking....It has been over 20 years since I went to school there so I am afraid to comment...I still get over there every once in a while to watch games....
I will ask my daughter this weekend....

Harrison Roadhouse...EL Azteco....the old Silver Dollar(whatever it is called now)....and a few others come to mind....
There are a bunch of bars around, but they change names so fast it is hard to keep track...

Best Submarine sandwich is Jersey Giant...
Best Mall is in Okemos..Meridian Mall
Lots of coffee houses on Grand River
Best place to workout is probably on campus (Free) Jenison Fieldhouse and a few other facilities are open to students at different times....
I will try to dig up some more for you, but I have old timers disease and can only remember so much....

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Well lets see:

I would have to agree with MC269, but here are a few of my favorites:

Best Liquor Store: Big Ten
Best Dance Club: Harper's Downtown
Best MicroBrew: Harper's ...aaahhh the Raspberry Wheat.
Best place to work out has to be Powerhouse on GR Second Story Gym.
Best Place to meet Girls .....The Shark
Best Place to meet guys for Girls...again The Shark, that is the infamous hook up bar.
Best Place to get used Text Books....SBS, College Store, MSU Book Store
Best Burgers.....Peanut Barrel, $1 Beers and Burgers for lunch
Best Food.....Lou and Harrys
Best Ice Cream....ColdStone GR or The MSU dairy Store on Campus
Best General Hang out.....The Jack Riverea Cafe ( The Riv) Burgerama Thursdays

Man this got me pumped for this years tailgate season.......

Hope this helps
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