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need some help

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well sorta. i dont have a boat. i'm a victim of the government and there way of handling money. and i wanna know where are some really good places to fish from shoreline. my girlfriend and I are always looking out for a place but cant seem to find any.

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Where are you located? Algonac or Shores? There's alot of area to cover. I for one, don't know much about shore fishing here, but there's another thread going on that you might take a look at-

Welcome to the site.
if your a resident of st clair shores, there are a few city resident only places to fish at the parks, or you can fish at metro beach, brandonburg park/pier which is south of 23mile on jefferson, or at the end of 9 mile, at the end of south river road which is on the south shore of the clinton river you have the harly ensign ramp where you can walk out and fish the point at.
what about stoney creek. the park in new baltimore.
Was down at the nine mile spot tonight didnt see much action one guy got a decent cat but that was about it.
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